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Mario Biagioli

  • Professor of Science and Technology Studies - College of Letters and Science, Division of Social Science, UC Davis
  • Professor of Law - Law School, UC Davis


Alan Bennett

  • Professor, Department of Plant Sciences
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Director, PIPRA
(530) 752-1411

Stephen Brush

  • Professor Emeritus

Patrick Carroll

  • Associate Professor
(916) 420-2756

Timothy Choy

  • Director of Science & Technology Studies
  • Associate Professor of Science & Technology Studies
  • Associate Professor of Anthropology

Alessandro Delfanti

  • Postdoctoral Scholar, Innovating Communication in Scholarship

Joseph Dumit

  • Professor of Anthropology

Allison Fish

  • Postdoctoral Scholar

James Griesemer

  • Professor of Philosophy
  • Member of STS

Andrew Hargadon

  • Professor at UC Davis GSM
  • Founding Director at UCD Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Founding Director at UCD Energy Efficiency Center
(530) 752-2277

Lisa Ikemoto

  • Professor of Law
(530) 754-6463

Martin Kenney

  • Professor of Human and Community Development
(530) 752-0328

Peter Lee

  • Professor of Law
(530) 752-8973

Tim Lenoir

  • Distinguished Professor of Science & Technology Studies
  • Distinguished Professor of Cinema & Digital Media

Meifang Li

  • Visiting Professor, Fuzhou University

Linxia Liang

  • Director of Asian Alumni, International Programs and Development- Office of University Outreach and International Programs, Offices of the Chancellor and Provost, UC Davis

Alexandra Lippman

  • Postdoctoral Scholar, Innovating Communication in Scholarship

Travis Lybbert

  • Associate Professor of Agriculture & Resource Ecnonomics

Colin Milburn

  • Professor of English
  • Professor of Science & Technology Studies
  • Professor of Cinema and Technocultural Studies
  • Gary Snyder Endowed Chair in Science and the Humanities
(530) 752-1696

Jorge Rojas

  • Director Latin America, International Law Programs
  • Center for International Education, UC Davis Extension

Madhavi Sunder

  • Professor of Law
(530) 752-2896

Mark Yarborough

  • Dean's Professor of Bioethics
  • Director of the Clinical Research Ethics Program
  • Associate Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine


Carmina Casseli

  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Yellow Cluster

Jillian Hancock

  • Academic Personnel Coordinator

Nicole Kramer

  • Accounts and Office Manager
(530) 752-2366

Caitlyn McCarthy

  • Undergraduate Advising Supervisor

Kathryn O'Neill

  • Undergraduate Advisor

Edie Stasulat

  • Business Office Support
(530) 752-0703

Heidi Williams

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Support
(530) 752-0607
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