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Alessandro Delfanti

Alessandro Delfanti

Postdoctoral Scholar, Innovating Communication in Scholarship


  1. Ph.D. Science and Society, University of Milan, 2011
  2. M.A. Science Communication, International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), 2007
  3. Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, University of Parma, 2001


Research Interests

Digital Cultures; Science and Technology Studies; Public Communication of Science and Technology; Hacking and Digital Activism; Health and Illness


Before joining UC Davis, I have worked and taught at the research hub Media@McGill at McGill University and at the University of Milan. My research and teaching centers on the relation between science, medicine and the digital sphere, and, more specifically, on the influence of hacking and digital activism in scientific research and patient advocacy. In a broader sense, my work revolves around the politics and biopolitics of participatory digital media, as well as the significance of openness in the scientific enterprise. Current research projects include a study of the emergence of open access scholarly publishing in the 1990s, as well as an analysis of the role of digital activism in new forms of collective action involving cancer patients. As a journalist, I cover science politics and digital cultures for several Italian newspapers. I have chosen to study science communication as I consider science (and social science) as forms of public knowledge, which are produced and negotiated in the public arena.

Selected Work

Delfanti, A. and Iaconesi, S., under review. «Open Source Cancer. Hacking and Biodigital Rituals of Sharing.» Chapter manuscript

Delfanti, A., 2013. Biohackers. The Politics of Open Science. London: Pluto Press

Arvidsson, A. and Delfanti, A., 2013. Introduzione ai Media Digitali. Bologna: Il Mulino

Delfanti, A., 2011. «Hacking genomes. The ethic of open and rebel biology.» International Review of Information Ethics 15

Delfanti, A., 2010. «Users and peers. From citizen science to P2P science.» Journal of Science Communication 9(1)

Delfanti A., Castelfranchi, Y. And Pitrelli, N., 2009. «What Dr. Venter did on his Holidays: Exploration, Hacking, Entrepreneurship in the Narratives of the Sorcerer II Expedition.» New Genetics and Society 28(4)

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