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Tim Lenoir

Tim Lenoir

Distinguished Professor of Science & Technology Studies

Distinguished Professor of Cinema & Digital Media


Tim Lenoir is Distinguished Professor of Science and Technology Studies and of Cinema and Digital Media at UC Davis. He has published several books and articles on the history of biomedical science from the nineteenth century to the present and on the roles of federal programs and university-industry collaborations in stimulating innovation in several areas of science, technology and medicine. His recent work in the area of science studies has focused on developing large data bases and application of quantitative  methods for investigating the impact of federal funding of bionanotechnology and nanomedicine in the US, China, and Europe, and on the role and impact of international collaboration in nanoscience research. Lenoir is a collaborating investigator at the Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (CEINT) at Duke University, where he is currently working on quantitative methods for tracking and mapping value chains of nano-enabled products and their potential environmental and health risks.

In the area of Cinema and Digital Media Lenoir has published several recent studies on computational media and human technogenesis, including an extended essay, “Contemplating Singularity,” an edited e-book, Neurofutures, and several essays in the area of game studies. Lenoir’s co-authored book with Luke Caldwell, The Military Entertainment Complex, will appear from Harvard University Press in early 2016.

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