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Madhavi Sunder

Madhavi Sunder

Professor of Law

University of California, Davis, School of Law
Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall

Davis , CA 95616
Office Phone: (530) 752-2896


  1. A graduate of Harvard College and Stanford Law School, she clerked for Judge Harry Pregerson of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. She practiced law in New York with Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton. She joined the UC Davis faculty in 1999.


Madhavi Sunder is a Professor of Law at the University of California, Davis. Her research focusing on the legal regulation of culture traverses numerous fields, from intellectual property to the freedom of religion to the First Amendment. She has been a visiting professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School (2008-2009), the Yale Law School (Spring 2008), and Cornell Law School (Fall 2003).


Academic Writing

Intellectual Property

Bollywood/Hollywood, 12 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 179 (2011)


Intellectual Property and Development as Freedomin The Development Agenda: Global Intellectual Property and Developing Countries (Neil Weinstock Netanel, ed., Oxford University Press, 2008). 

First Amendment

Law and Gender


Gender and Feminist Theory in Law & Society, Editor (Ashgate Publishing 2007).

Feminism in the Power/Knowledge Age, in Gender and Feminist Theory in Law & Society (Madhavi Sunder, ed.) (2007). 

Enlightened Constitutionalism, 37 Connecticut Law Review 891 (2005)(invited Reply to Noah Feldman, Imposed Constitutionalism, same issue).
 (Un)Disciplined, 26 Political and Legal Anthropology Review 77 (2003).


Property in Personhoodin Rethinking Commodification (Martha M. Ertman & Joan C. Williams eds.) (2005). 

Comment on Stuart Kirsch, Lost Worlds: Environmental Disaster, ‘Culture Loss,’ and the Law, in 42 Current Anthropology 189 (April 2001).

Popular Writing

Intellectual Property


Women's Rights and Islam


Fred Korematsu and the Japanese Internment

Fred Korematsu: All-American Hero (with Anupam Chander) (Carolina Academic Press 2011), available for free download at korematsu.tumblr.com
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