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Timothy Choy

Timothy Choy

Director of Science & Technology Studies

Associate Professor of Science & Technology Studies

Associate Professor of Anthropology

1262 Social Science & Humanities Building
One Shields Ave

Davis , CA 95616


  1. 2003 Ph.D., Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz
  2. 1997 M.A., Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz
  3. 1994 B.A., Linguistics, Stanford University
  4. 1993 B.S., Earth Systems, Stanford University
  5. Other: Clarke Fellow in East Asian Law and Culture, Cornell Law School, 2006-7



Ecological discourses and practices; atmospheres; human-nonhuman relations; scale, specificity, exemplarity; Hong Kong & U.S.


Selected work 

2011. Ecologies of Comparison: An Ethnography of Endangerment in Hong Kong. Durham: Duke UP.  

2012. "Air's Substantiations." In Kaushik Sunder Rajan, ed., Lively Capital. Duke UP.

2009 “Mycorrhizal Relations: A Mushroom Manifesto.” Mogu Mogu (pen name for Timothy Choy and Shiho Satsuka). in Timothy Choy, Lieba Faier, Michael Hathaway, Miyako Inoue, and Anna Tsing, “A new form of collaboration in cultural anthropology: Matsutake worlds.” American Ethnologist, 36:2. p.380-403.

2005. "Articulated Knowledges: Environmental Forms after Universality's Demise." American Anthropologist. 2005. 107(1) pp 5-18.

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