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Recent publications by members of the Center for Science and Innovation Studies (2013 only)

Biagioli, M. (forthcoming). Intangible Objects: How Patent Law is Redefining Materiality. In: P. Harvey et al. (eds.), Objects and Materials: A Routledge Handbook (CRESC) (pp. 380-90). London: Routledge.

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Chander, A. (2013). The Electronic Silk Road: How the Web Binds the World Together in Commerce. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

Chander, A. (2013). Unshackling Foreign Corporations: Kiobel’s Unexpected Legacy. American Journal of International Law

Chander, A. (2013). How Law Made Silicon Valley. Emory Law Journal.

Chander, A. (2013). How Censorship Hurts Chinese Internet Companies. The Atlantic.

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Griesemer, J. (2013). Integration of Approaches in David Wake’s Model-Taxon Research Platform for Evolutionary Morphology. Studies in History and Philosophy of the Biological and Biomedical Sciences 44: 525–536. Available online: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.shpsc.2013.03.021

Griesemer, J. (2013). Formalization and the Meaning of “Theory” in the Inexact Biological Sciences. Biological Theory, 7: 298-310.

Lee, P. (2013). Patents and the UniversityDuke Law Journal, 63(1): 1-86.

Lybert, T. (2013). Getting Patents and Economic Data to Speak to Each Other: An ‘Algorithmic Links with Probabilities’ Approach for Joint Analysis of Patenting and Economic Activity. Research Policy.

Norton, A. (2013). Surveying Risk Subjects. Public Health Surveys as Instruments of Biomedicalization. BioSocieties8(3): 265-288.

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Riojas, J. (2013). Intellectual Property, Research and Innovation. Report to Consejo Nacional de la Innovacion para la Competitividad, Chile.

Sorensen, P., Gane, L., Yarborough, M., Hagerman, R., & Tassone, F. (2013). Newborn Screening and Cascade Testing for FMR1 Mutations. American Journal of Medical Genetics, 161A(1): 59-69.

Yarborough, M. (2013). Increasing enrollment in drug trials: the need for greater transparency about the social value of research in recruitment effortsMayo Clinic Proceedings, 88(5): 442-445.

Yarborough, M., & Hunter, L. (2013). Teaching Ethics Better: Focus on Excellent Science, Not Bad ScientistsClinical and Translational Science Journal.

Yarborough, M., Edwards, K, Espinoza, P, Geller, G, Sarwal, A, Sharp, R, & Spicer, P. (2013). Relationships Hold the Key to Trustworthy and Productive Translational Science: Recommendations for Expanding Community Engagement in Biomedical ResearchClinical and Translational Science Journal.

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